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Welcome to our seed library page.  We started in January 2022 with a Local Love  grant from the United Way and the support of the Clayton branch of the  Surrey Library.

The Clayton Seed Library is a non-profit run by a small group of  volunteers.  We are not experts, just gardeners who enjoy meeting other gardeners and sharing what we have learned, both the successes and the failures.

 Our seed library provides free seeds to the local community, with an aim to create greener spaces, encourage people to grow their own food, save their own seeds and facilitate community learning. A team of dedicated volunteers maintains the seed library.

The Clayton Seed Library was set up to maintain and distribute a collection of open pollinated seeds, adapted to our region, to be provided to our community to grow as food or as flowers to support our ecosystem. 

As well as being a source for seeds, the Clayton Seed Library will provide educational resources to promote food security, teach sustainable organic gardening practices and to encourage sharing, caring and growth within our diverse community.

Mission Statement


To learn how to plant your Earth Day seeds click on the link.

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