Seedy Saturdays

Join us once a month for a free event where you can swap and exchange seeds! You’ll meet fellow gardeners and find exciting seed varieties that other seed savers are sharing. We encourage attendance whether you are a first-time gardener or a seasoned expert.


Free Seed Exchange Events! No Registration is necessary.


Saturday, February 26  |  Saturday, March 26  |  Saturday, April 23  |  Saturday, May 21

9 AM - 1 PM

Clayton Community Centre, 7155 187A Street in Surrey

Seeds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to our Seed Library volunteers.

Please bring small, well-marked packets of vegetables, herbs, and native seeds. If you don’t have any seeds to contribute to the exchange, come anyway! Some people will simply share their seeds and the interesting stories that come with them.

Please review our catalogue (LINK) and make a list of the seeds you are looking for before coming to this event. We encourage you to get a few extra envelopes to grow and give away next year.

If you are donating seeds, please make sure to review our DONATION GUIDELINES:

  • Only donate seeds from the Library, the wild or a nursery that specializes in native plants, the wild or the Library. Trusted nurseries disclose where their seeds come from. When in doubt or if this information is not available, do not donate the seeds.

  • Do not donate genetically modified, cross-pollinated or inbred species.

  • Prevent contamination by ensuring that your seeds are disease and mold-free.

  • Put 30 to 50 seeds in each envelope.

  • Make sure to label each envelope! Unlabeled seed envelopes will NOT be accepted.

  • Any paper envelope format is welcomed. Coin-sized envelopes or smaller s typically the commercial format used.